30k, 60k, 90k mike services, why bother if I’m changing my oil right? Wrong! These services are more then just a glorified oil change. Yes, these services do include an oil change but on most vehicles also include much more. Replacing both your engine and cabin air filter, draining and re-filling your transmission fluid and coolant with a number of factory inspections that most quick-lube oil places to not check or are not trained to inspect. Depending on the year, make and model of your car it could include spark plugs, fuel filter, differential service, timing belt replacement and more.

“My service doesn’t say I need to change my transmission fluid ever, and the cooling system service is only every 100k miles why should I do this sooner or at all”? Ask any transmission shop what happens when you never change your transmission oil, sludge, slipping, slamming into gear and check engine lights coming on due to transmission failures. It’s very common we see these type of problems and with a quick $100 to $200 transmission fluid change (price depending on the make and model) some of these problems can be avoided, unless it’s been too long and you need a major transmission repair.

Coolant over a period of time deteriorates and no longer protects your engine from rust on the inside or its ability to protect against overheating or cooling. In most cases with today’s coolant you can wait 60k miles or every 3 years to replace your vehicles coolant as most the factory specifications state, or wait even longer on some of the newest model vehicles using Super Long Life Coolant. When your fluid is changed the technician inspects all of the hoses, the radiator and any other place that can leak, if your coolant leaks out and your car overheats you could be looking at a blown head gasket repair of  $1000.00 plus in cost or worse.

Many of today’s cars use Timing Belts as an iatrical part of the engine; most of these belts require replacement at about 90k miles. By missing that scheduled service you are putting yourself at risk for a very costly engine repair. On some vehicles if that timing belt breaks it can cause upwards of $5000.00 internal engine damage if the valves get bent. Check your vehicles owners manual or call you service professional to check when the timing belt on your particular care should be replaced.

Lastly are the filters, these air filters can cause poor gas mileage, damage to Mass Air Flow Sensors and more when not replaced. A dirty cabin air filter can allow dirt and pollens to blow into the car’s cabin and plug up heater cores and air conditioning evaporators.

Always call your service professional, someone who specializes on your type of car, who you trust and get their opinion on the service intervals and recommendations. Then make an appointment to have you vehicle serviced to get the longest life out of your investment.

Written By: “The Car Guy”