Jack's Special in Orangevale and Folsom, CA

With the complexity of today’s vehicles we are finding ourselves having to keep a closer eye on our customer’s vehicles. Items like dirty throttle body’s affect the car’s idle, and overall performance. With everything now computer controlled low batteries affect the overall operation of the vehicle. A low battery does no longer just keep a car from just starting but powers the car’s onboard computers that control everything from power windows and door locks to gas mileage.

During every service we will now be providing a much more comprehensive inspection on your vehicle.

  • Battery & Charging System Test
  • Brake Inspection
  • Inspect all fluids (chemical analysis when applicable)
  • Inspecting suspension, tires, steering, axles,
  • Check heater, AC & defrost system operation
  • Checking all lighting
  • Vehicle operation on a road test
  • Wash windows & wipe down dash
  • Recall Report
  • Copy of inspection sheet for you to keep

Doing this may take a little longer and slightly increase the cost, but for many of you who we see only twice a year we hope to give you a little peace of mind with the condition of your car and keeping it safely on the road.

Japan Auto Care will be providing this vehicle inspection on ALL Japanese cars (Except Diesels)

Including a conventional oil and filter change for only $79.95

Including a Synthetic oil and filter change for only $129.95