Smog, Allergies, Carbon monoxide and Nitrogen Oxide...

In the early 2000’s many vehicle manufactures began equipping vehicles with a new replaceable air filter. This new tool filters the air being recirculated through the cars climate control system as well as filters the fresh air entering the car through the vents. These filters are usually located within the dash behind the glove box on the passenger side. Most manufacturers recommend these filters are replaced every 30k miles.

The standard filter that your vehicle comes with from the factory is made from paper. This filter does keep particles, bugs, and debris from entering your vents and blowing into your face. Many parts manufacturers make “Activated Charcoal” filters which not only keep out the previously listed items but these filters also reduce the amount of allergens, pollen, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide entering the interior of your car while you are driving. According to a WebMD 2012 report Sacramento is the 6th Smoggiest city in the United States and anyone who has allergies can tell you about Sacramento’s trees.

Replacing your cabin air filter every 30k miles is the maximum about of time we suggest. In very polluted and allergen filled areas or if you drive a lot you can replace your cabin air filter every 15k miles. These filters do cost more than regular filters but the health of you and your family is worth more.

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~Jack & Mack