How to Optimize Your Vehicle's Air Conditioner

Everyone wants to be comfortable while driving their vehicle so I have put together 2 lists for you below, the first one are regular things you should be checking on your car to make sure the air conditioner can function at its fullest while the second list is a step by step process that you can use each time you get into your car after it has been sitting in the heat to get your AC blowing cold air faster and cooling off the interior for quicker comfort.

Check these items regularly or have a shop check them for you

1. The AC suction vents from under the hood at the base of the windshield - Lift the hood to clean this vent

2. The AC Cabin filter usually located behind the dash (cars about 2000 and earlier may not have this filter) - Clean & Dirty Air filtersRemove Old Filter(s) Install New Filter(s)

3. Coolant level (antifreeze) in your car is also very important- The ability for your cooling system to keep you engine temperature cool is in direct relationship to keeping your AC condenser working to allow cold air blowing from your AC ducts in the vehicle. - Only Check levels when car is cold

4. Use a reflective windshield screen when parking your car

Process to cool your car down EVERY TIME you get in your car after is has been sitting in the heat

  1. Start your car and roll down ALL of the windows
  2. Turn on AC with FRESH AIR coming in from vents
  3. Once air is blowing cool roll up front windows and change vent to RECIRCULATE (your car recirculates air from under the dash) by doing this the cool/cold air coming out of the front vents is blowing on you and recirculating right back into the AC system allowing the air to cool more.
  4. Shortly after roll up all windows and lower blower speed to 50% or less- your ac blows colder air when less air is being pushed out.
  5. Once cabin area is cold you may now switch your AC vents back to fresh air if you would like or turn up the blower speed slightly- leaving your blower speed lower and your vents on recirculate will always make the air blow colder.

If you feel your AC is not blowing cold enough stop by any shop and have them check the temperature, AC temp should run about 42-50 deg directly at the vent.