Auto Belts and Hoses Services in Folsom and Orangevale, CA

Belts can wear out and break in time. A belt that becomes worn can slide or even become so slack that it may not work properly. Hose pipes can glaze and fracture after long years of use or when exposed to extreme temperatures. A flawed hose could lead to vital fluids dripping from your engine and can easily induce harm to engine components. To avoid a few of one of the most typical causes of breakdown, see to it your belts and hoses are inspected at regular periods.

Why service is crucial: Belts may wear and split over time. To prevent some of the most usual sources of failure, make sure your belts and hoses are examined at regular intervals.

Ask your mechanic concerning belts and hoses if you see any type of:

  • Lack of power.
  • Screeching or grinding noise.
  • If you feel vibrations, 'slips' or 'catching'.

It is advised to have belts and hoses inspected every 3,000 miles or with every oil change. A belt and hose pipe inspection checks for:

  • Glazing, breaking, striping and softening of belts.
  • Proper tensioning.
  • Appropriate drive pulley alignment.
  • Leaks and splits.
  • Hardening, breaking and softening of hose pipes.
  • A cooling system pressure examination to help examine for punctures.
  • Loose or worn clamps.

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